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The Sapphire Mountain Men Shooting Club promotes safe and accurate use of muzzle loading firearms of the pre- 1840's era. The club works towards developing accurate period representations, honesty, fellowship, good sportsmanship, patriotism, youth education and annual sponsorship of the Wildhorse Rendezvous.

Deb Mike cropped 24.jpg
Mike Tomell-President
Debbie Tomell-


The Tomell's have been active in the Sapphire Mountain Men shooting club for over 25 years. We have many lifelong friends through the club and by participating in numerous rendezvous' throughout the northwest.

Mike is excited to be acting as President this year. He attends the monthly shoots to hone his skills and enjoy the friendly competition.

Debbie has returned to the Treasury role to assist the club in expanding membership and keeping track of the club assets. 

Andrea Crosier-

Bio  and picture coming soon!.

The Members 

From experienced shooters, to the novice, Sapphire Mountain Men all offer unique and different opportunity to learn from each other.  We focus on safety, fun, and activities for the whole family! 

M Oswald _2023 ppr_1.jpg
Mark Oswald

My father and I would visit the "Blue Mountain Boys” rendezvous in the early 70s, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Then came a "little movie” called Jeremiah Johnson, so we bought a T.C. Hawken. Still have it.

A few years ago, I found 2 books at the family ranch that had a lot of the family history (confirming the family lore) that we had been in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky starting about the mid 17th century.  This peaked my interest in early American history. 

Then about 3-4 years ago, I was at an estate sale at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds, and there was a plunder box for sale!  The “moccerskins” even fit me, and in the bottom of the plunder, there was a pale blue flag that had “WHR” and a horse’s head on it. I did my research and found the Sapphire Mountain Men.  I went to one of the monthly shoots and I was hooked!.  So I said to hell with being "100% historically correct” and I just jumped in with both feet and started to have fun.  My first real rendezvous was the 2023 WHR, and then The PPR in Winchester ID. I still do the "Tin Tippi” but I’m working on that.

I have made some wonderful friends here with the SMM and wanted to contribute to the club, so here I am as V.P.  Don’t be afraid. Come out with us. You’ll find the most welcoming and friendly bunch of folks you ever want to meet!!  And you don’t have to have all the “stuff”. Just jump in and start having a great time.  

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