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The Sapphire Mountain Men Shooting Club promotes safe and accurate use of muzzle loading firearms of the pre- 1840's era. The club works towards developing accurate period representations, honesty, fellowship, good sportsmanship, patriotism, youth education and annual sponsorship of the Wildhorse Rendezvous.

Ayse Haxton May 21_edited.jpg
Chris Haxton -President
Ayse Haxton-

Secretary and Treasurer

The Haxton family have been enjoying the experience of rendezvous with the Sapphire Mountain Men for over 20 years since the first time Ayse's father invited them. Our son Brandon was only a year old then and all six of our children share fond memories from years past. Chris has been a past rendezvous Segundo and enjoys the shooting aspects of the rendezvous. Most recently, Ayse has been found championing the registration tent at Wild Horse and now, It is her great pleasure to serve as the club's Secretary. If you have something to share in our monthly newsletter, just let her know!

The Members 

From experienced shooters, to the new novice, Sapphire Mountain Men all offer unique and different opportunity to learn from each other.  We really focus on safety, fun, and activities for the whole family! 

Mike Tomell

I was introduced to black powder muzzleloaders in the early 1980's. Buying a used .54 cal percussion Hawken and the accoutrements from Leon Nance, I attended several local rendezvous and was able to acquire a decent camp outfit. After marrying  Debbie in 2001, I became more involved in the club. I have served as the Bourgeois (Booshway) of Wildhorse Rendezvous for many years and now looking forward to serving the SMM as Vice -President.

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