The Sapphire Mountain Men Shooting Club promotes safe and accurate use of muzzle loading firearms of the pre- 1840's era. The club works towards developing accurate period representations, honesty, fellowship, good sportsmanship, patriotism, youth education and annual sponsorship of the Wild-horse Rendezvous.

The Members 

From experienced shooters, to the new novice, Sapphire Mountain Men all offer unique and different opportunity to learn from each other.  We really focus on safety, fun, and activities for the whole family! 

Drew Hall 
Vice President

Drew is the Vice President. 


Bates grew up with a love of hunting, fishing and history. At 21 years of age, he purchased his first muzzle loader. Bates had always admired marksmanship and realized that with Muzzle loading, you only get one shot, so you better make it count. In 1975 Bates joined the local Missoula Muzzle Loader club, which eventually became the Sapphire Mountain Men. He served for 15 years as Vice president, before becoming the acting President.

Debbie Tomell
Secretary and Treasurer

Debbie got involved in with the Sapphire Mountain Men in 1998, when her now husband took her to the Wild Horse Rendezvous. Even though camping in a Tipi was a whole new adventure, Debbie fell in love with not only her husband, but the whole experience of cooking over a fire, shooting primitive guns, and historical clothing.  Debbie says the friendships she has built and the camaraderie of the group continues to draw her in.

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