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From traditional dress, to sleeping in tipi's and wall-tents, the Wildhorse Rendezvous is an event to remember.  There is room for modern camping but we encourage you to participate in the history. Camp in the traditional mountain man era encampment. All campers in this area requested to live as the mountain men would before 1840. Our participants are sportsmen come to shooting competitions and families who come to enjoy technology free time together.

Traders are set up to sell goods, visit these tents to experience what trade goods the mountain men would need to survive in the wilderness.  

Competitions include muzzleloading rifle, pistol and knife & hawk throwing. Or watch an archery, smoothbore or even a cannon competition. There are several crafts and educational classes available to the campers too.

The whole weekend culminates in an awards ceremony starting with a Memorial Day Service honoring those who served and gave all. 

We invite the public to visit during the day and join us on this memorable yearly event! 

WHR 2023 Information

Contact Booshway- Mike "Lone Oak" Tomell  406-531-0244

               Segundo- Dustin "Toast" Moore  406-207-8046

Trail Walks begin on Friday at 1 pm

Blanket Shoot including: Rifle/Pistol & K/H- Shooter fee $5 plus a blanket prize worth approximately $20

Additional competitions -Primitive Archery, Smoothbore for Adults, Trappers [12-16 yrs] and Scouts          [8-11 yrs].  

Camp Fee $30 Members and $40 for Non Members

Traders are Welcome- pay only the camping fee. Need special space or set up times? Contact Lone Oak.

Special Flag Retirement Ceremony on Saturday.

Story Telling/ Liars contest Saturday evening bonfire.


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