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Sapphire Mountain Men Events 2023

Shooting competitions are held monthly at 2 locations. Starting at noon the second weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Public is invited. If you have never tried blackpowder shooting come to the club shoot. We welcome instructing new shooters!

Saturdays: Whittecar Range- 598 Blodgett View Dr -Hamilton , MT 

Sundays: Hellgate Civilian Shooting Range, 7350 Zaugg St, Bonner, MT. 

$5 shooting fee, or $10 for the family



  • Jan 7 and 8th- Blue Fingers Shoot           
    • Rifle at Paper targets
    • Come challenge the cold weather and shoot in the snow! 


  • Feb 11 and 12th -Sweetheart Shoot
    • Paper/ Heart targets-Pistol Shoot

    • Bring your sweetheart along for a fun day at the range


  • March 11 and 12th  - Wearing of the Green /Daylight Savings 
    • Accuracy Rifle Shoot

    • Paper accuracy bench rest shoot


  • April 8 and 9th - Spring Shoot  
    • Pistol shoot at metal gongs

    • Celebrate warmer weather!


  • May13 and 14th -  Rendezvous Tune Up
    • Rifle shoot at metal targets- off hand
  • May 20-21  Work Weekend
    •  Set up starts at 9 am Sat/Sun

    • Saturday night dinner 5:30 for workers provided by club

  • May 26-29 - Memorial Day Weekend -  Wildhorse Rendezvous

    • Fantastic weekend events planned!

    • Site open Friday am for set up

    • Registration opens Friday at 11 am

    • Competitions start Friday at 1 pm 

    • Cannon Shoot Sunday at 10 am


  • June 10 and 11th – Flag Day Rifle Shoot
    • Get ready for summer fun and sunshine… rifle shoot , gong, metal targets at 50-100 yards
    • Wear primitive attire-  Group photo 


  • July 8 and 9th-  Carnival Shoot 
    • Bring Pistol & Rifle to hit balloons, straws, marshmallows and more!


  • Aug 12 and 13th -   Sizzling Hot Summer Shoot
    • Rifle accuracy , bench rest shoot and off hand- mixed targets


  • Sept  9 and 10- Game Bird Rifle Shoot 
    • Game bird season practice-metal targets
  • Sept 22-24 - SMM Camp Out/ BBQ- Sawmill Gulch 

    • Modern or Primitive camp, rifle & mini cannon shoot

    • Details in Newsletter- please note NEW Date!


  • Oct 7 and 8th-  Pumpkin Pistol Shoot 
    • Put a smile on the pumpkin face!

    • Cookies and apple cider


  • Nov 11 and 12th - Fall Rifle Shoot
    • Paper targets at 50 and 100 yards!
  • Nov 25 - 9 Mile Community Center Turkey Shoot
           Fund raiser for the 9 Mile Community Center- also hosting a craft fair 10 am-3 pm
  • Public shoot for prizes, SMM members run shooting line-11 am-2 pm

  • Primitive dress for participants that help shoot


  • Dec 9 and 10th-  Santa Hat Rifle Shoot
    • Metal and paper targets- snow , cold or whatever

    • Group photo- wear your primitive attire and a Santa Hat!

    • Cookies, tea and hot cocoa too 

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