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Wild Horse Rendezvous 2019

The following was written by a member of our club and details the experience of a new comer at the Wild Horse Rendezvous!

Imagine stepping back in time to PRE 1840. All the tents are canvas, the clothing simple, and the food amazing! (Anything cooked over an open flame taste better anyways) That is exactly how it was this past Memorial Day weekend at the Wild Horse Rendezvous.

We arrived at the rendezvous Friday morning to find that the camp was already bustling with activity. Tipi’s and wall tents galore. Traders were setting up their stores, children rushing around with their tomahawks, women chatting is small groups and Men packing black powder rifles getting ready to compete for awards and bragging rights.

Living primitively may sound obscure to some, I was skeptical, but when you take away all the modern technology, start building fire, and connecting with fellow festival goers, life really does slow down.

One of the main events was the Cannon Shoot competition. Several different teams competed to knock down targets. Points were awarded for not only near perfect aim, but also primitive dress. The competition was fierce, but so was the brotherhood.

The most impressive part of this trip, was the camaraderie that was felt around camp. Women were shooting with men, kids were learning to throw tomahawks and competing in their own contests, and the potluck dinner was truly a large family coming together. However, none of that compares to the honor that was felt the morning of Memorial Day.

We are a military family. We come from a long line of Navy Men and Marines. My husband, Ethan, is a former Marine. Anyone with this type of background understands what Memorial Day is about, honoring those who gave all and their families. Standing in that meadow as the American Flag was raised sent shivers down my spine. “Pipes” as they call him around camp, started to play Amazing Grace on his bagpipe. The wind picked up and that flag flew with glory. There was not a dry eye on that mountain. A moment of silence was observed and then the Mountain Men were encouraged to yell out the names of those who had passed. “To let their names be echoed though the mountains one last time”.

This is an event we will be attending every year. The camaraderie was amazing and the competitions a blast. Best of all, this was an event the whole family could get involved in. Sapphire Mountain Men, we thank you! The memories will last a life time and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


Proud Member of Sapphire Mountain Men

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